Tullbergs Communication Agency.

Tullbergs Communication Agency offer expertise and qualified services in the areas of strategic communication, branding and the production of information and marketing material. We manage projects from the idea through to realization, using the most efficient and effective production method. Our mission is “creating value through communication”.
Tullbergs was established in 1994. We have over the years forged durable relationships with a number of clients. Our office is at Hornsgatan, in the centre of Stockholm.

We are approx 20 collaborators in the company: communication consultants, project managers, production leaders, art directors, graphic designers, corporate storytellers, public relations consultants, and illustrators.

We focus on:
• Larger companies
• Organizations and authorities
• Culture institutions

Strategic communication

Creativity and ideas ensure that Tullbergs are in the position to offer the best strategic and action-orientated solutions in the field of communication for each and every customer. Our goal is to improve brand equity and business opportunities for our clients by using various methods in order to create attention, understanding and commitment. We assist our clients develop their trademarks to improve results.

Tullbergs communication-consultants are often advisers in strategic communication matters. We analyze and advise on the current profile and corporate identity of our clients and elucidate the identity of an organization by strengthening their brands or trademarks. Based on an analysis of the client’s situation and needs, a strategy is outlined for further work on market positioning and marketing.

We develop communication platforms and plans for future communication activities. We specify goals and communication strategies, define target groups and draw up solution proposals. We work closely with the client and it is most important that strategy-documents are easy to transform in to hands-on action. Our role can vary, from providing an impartial second opinion to acting as facilitators or taking a turnkey responsibility for developing and implementing an overall communication strategy.

We have our own method to create trademark platforms. We identify what is unique and what distinguishes one company from another, and then formulate a message that will interest and attract target groups. We carry out approximately three trademark platform commissions every year.

We develop concepts for advertising-campaigns based on creative ideas, which will facilitate for the customer to reach his goals.

We create logotypes, profile programs and graphic manuals.

We develop strategic copy for advertising-campaigns etc. For some assignments we include corporate storytelling to strengthen the company’s brand and identity.

We have a senior PR-consultant who develops PR-strategies. We assist clients in formulating and developing messages and arguments, media-relations, media-training, etc

Production of material for information and marketing.

After completing the strategic assignments, we also take care of the realization and the production of the material necessary for information and marketing.
Apart from our own collaborators we have a qualified network of photographers, illustrators and printing offices. This means that we can handle the entire production of client material for information and marketing.

We handle the launching of campaigns and have produced material for a number of large advertising drives. Our assignments have included everything from concepts and identification of target groups to the production of material for indoor as well as outdoor marketing, ads in the underground, on buses and posters, advertisements, signs as well as ads at wastepaper litter-bins etc.

We help our clients to develop ideas and to implement a variety of marketing activities, information drives and presentation material, graphic design and the production of texts for newspapers, newsletters, leaflets, prospectus, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, posters, and annual reports. You will find that our staff is highly experienced in finding innovative approaches to text-writing, even when the background material is complex.

Tullbergs produce newsletters and magazines continuously. We are editors, we create graphic design and take care of the writing.

Tullbergs offers various courses in the field of communication; how to develop your trademark; how to make a marketing plan; Media-training now!

We produce exhibitions, from small corporate presentations to large-scale exhibitions. We do also arrange various events as a part of our marketing assignments.

We produce new graphic design and text for homepages and are often engaged as web-editors. We also produce digital newsletters.

We have our own illustrator who can visualize images in many different ways.

Completed assignments - examples

Folktandvården, The National Dental Service
KF, The Swedish Co-operative Union and Wholesale Society:
- KappAhl, Clothing chain
- Akademibokhandeln, Bookshop chain
- Gröna Konsum, Supermarket chain
- KF Media, Media company
- Nordstedts, Publisher
- Prisma, Publisher
- Stor & Liten, Toys chain
- City Stormarknad, Electronic chain
- Kicks, Perfume chain
Luftfartsverket, Bromma Flygplats, The Swedish National Civil Administration, Bromma Airport
PEAB, building and construction
Skärholmen Centrum, Skärholmen Shopping Mall, one of the largest in Sweden
Strömma Turism och Sjöfart AB, Tourist agency
Vägverket, National Road Administration
URSVIK: An important construction project with apartment blocks, one family homes, services facilities and business enterprises in the northern suburbs of Stockholm:
- Vasakronan, Building contractors
- NCC, Building contractors
- Förvaltaren, Real estate company
- HSB, Building society
- Riksbyggen, Building society

Hantverkarnas Riksorganisation, Federation of Master Craftsmen and Small Industries
Jusek, Federation of Lawyers
Stockholms Hantverksförening, The Stockholm Craft Association
Stål och Metallförbundet, The Swedish Steel and Metal Federation
Svensk Industridesign, Swedish Industrial Design
Sveriges Informationsförening, The Swedish Information Association
Teknikföretagen, The Federation of Swedish Industries

Huddinge kommun, Huddinge, Local Authority
Kulturdepartementet, The Ministry of Culture
Regeringskansliet, The Swedish Cabinet Office and the Ministries
Sundbybergs stad, Sundbyberg, Local Authority
Stockholm stad, Stockholm, Local Authority
Stockholm Visitors Board, Stockholm Visitors Board
Svenska institutet, The Swedish Institute
UD, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aquaria Vattenmuseum, The Aquaria Water Museum
Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, The Graphic House, Mariefed
Kulturhuset, Stockholm, The Culture House, Stockholm
Riksantikvarieämbetet, The Swedish Central Board of National Heritage
Läckö Slott, Läckö Palace
Livrustkammaren, The Royal Armory


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